Identify Your Computer Name (Windows)

This article will help you identify your computer name on a Windows device. This information helps us troubleshoot potential issues with your system.

Some keyboards (such as laptop keyboards) may have the Pause/Break action combined with another key as a function item. This would require you to press Windows + Function + Pause/Break. Functions like this are usually color coded and match the color of your Function key.

Method 1 - Using Key Combination

  1. Press the Windows key and Pause/Break key together on your Windows keyboard.


  2. The System Properties window should appear. Your computer name is listed here.


Most of our district Windows computers use a naming convention that follows the pattern below


Method 2 - Using the Start Menu - Windows 10

  1. Right Click the Windows Start icon in the bottom left corner of your desktop and select “System” in the context menu that appears.


  2. This will open the About window. Your computer name will be listed under “Device Specifications” as “Device Name”.