Change Your Password

This guide will show you how to change the password for your district email account. This is also the same account used to log into district owned Windows PCs and various other district services.

You must be logged into your own account on the Windows PC to follow the steps below.

Although the images presented below are taken from a Windows 7 PC, the steps given should work on most versions of Windows you may find in the district.

Using a Windows PC

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete together on your Windows keyboard.


  2. Select “Change a Password…”.


  3. Where prompted, enter your old password and your new password, then click the arrow button.


  4.  You’re done. You can now log in with your new credentials on anything that requires your district account.

Using Non-Windows Devices (Apple, Android, etc…)

Unfortunately, there are no password change tools inherent to these other device types. The online password reset tool we used to have has also been depreciated.

If you do not have access to a Windows PC, please use the below methods to contact us in the Technology Department. We’ll be happy to help you update your password.

  • Call the Central Office at (270) 586-8877 and ask to be transferred to the Technology Department

  • Send an email to which will automatically open a support ticket.

  • If everything is working fine but you just want to change it, you can log into our Technology Help Desk and open a support ticket there.

You must be in district or otherwise on our local network to log into our Help Desk portal. It cannot be accessed from outside the network. In the instance you need to open a ticket from outside the network, please send an email to the address listed above.